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Conference @ Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth

Apply by 10 September 2013: Asia Pacific Youth Forum 2013 on Mountain issues and Post 2015 Development Agenda, Kathmandu, Nepal

Asia Pacific Youth Forum 2013 on Mountain issues and Post 2015 Development Agenda 

Kathmandu, Nepal 

30 September - 4 October 2013

Through its Asia-Pacific Mountain Network (APMN), the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) has been engaging youth and building their capacity to bring about positive changes in society through several different initiatives. Since it began in 2009, the global membership of the Youth Engagement in Sustainable Mountain Development (Y4SMD) initiative has grown to 5,000 members, a majority of which are from ICIMOD's regional member countries – Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Myanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan. In 2010, ICIMOD started organizing youth forums in member countries to build the technical capacity and leadership skills of youth in the region as well as to enhance their knowledge on the most burning issues in mountain development. The Asia-Pacific Youth Forum on Climate Actions and Mountain Issues in 2011 and the Asia Pacific Graduates' Youth Forum on Green Economy in 2012 were expanded to include the entire Asia-Pacific region, and the Global Youth Forum on Mountain Issues and Sustainable Actions in 2012 held in conjunction with the Rio+20 summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, included participants from around the globe. As the preparation and follow-up of the Rio+20 process, In 2012/13 ICIMOD organized a series of National Youth Forums on Green Solutions in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Myanmar, Nepal, and Pakistan, ran awareness campaigns in Nepal, Pakistan, and other countries by mobilizing local youth initiatives and ICIMOD Youth Ambassadors. ICIMOD has partnered with more than two dozen regional, national, and global institutes in promoting youth activities and have organized several e-conferences, Climate Caf├ęs, knowledge sharing workshops, the Earth Debate, capacity building events, and promoted networking-advocacy on the sideline of important international events. Some of the youth ambassadors were sent to Rio+20 conference in Brazil, the UNFCCC COP 18 in Doha, and the 2nd Asia Pacific Adaptation Forum in Bangkok to advocate for mountain issues in the context of ongoing debates on  sustainable development and climate change adaptation.
Building on the success of these ventures, ICIMOD is now preparing for the Asia Pacific Youth Forum 2013 on Mountain issues and Post 2015 Development Agenda, which will take place in Kathmandu, Nepal from 30 September to 4 October 2013. The event will bring together young scientists, early career professionals, young politicians and youth initiative leaders from the region and develop their knowledge on mountain issues and the Post-2015 Development Agenda as an input towards global processes on the development of the Post-2015 Development Agenda .
Asia Pacific Youth Forum 2013 will bring together 40 participants from more than 15 countries who are engaged in sustainability issues. With technical support from several leading institutions, the five-day programme will include capacity building and knowledge exchange sessions, leadership exercises, and excursions to nearby environmental projects. 

Who can apply? 

Youth between the ages of 18 and 29 from the Asia-Pacific region with an academic or a professional degree in related fields are eligible to apply. Those with demonstrated leadership in sustainable development issues are strongly encouraged to apply. 


Selected participants will be provided with International airfare, accommodation, food and local transport.


The names of selected participants will be posted on the event page andFacebook page. Selected participants will also be notified via email.
Selected participants will be required to present a copy of their valid passport/national identity card from their stated country of origin. Inability to do so will result in disqualification from the programme.

How to apply?

Please click here for the application form. 

Deadline for Application
10 September 2013

For further information, please write to:
Event Focal Point: Smita Ghimire

SEES Social Science Fellowship at NOAA

The National Science Foundation Science, Engineering, and Education for Sustainability (SEES) Program is offering a one to three year SEES Fellowship in which scientists partner with, and are based at, a government agency.  The Fellowship, which targets interdisciplinary research and education, enables scientists to apply their research to management and policy priorities by working directly with Federal program managers and decision makers.  Consequently, this Fellowship is a unique opportunity to learn first hand how science can be transitioned to policy.


Social science is gaining increased attention within NOAA and, consequently, we are seeking  partnerships with social scientists who would like to apply their research to NOAA priorities - weather, climate, coasts and fisheries.   We are particularly keen to pursue partnerships related to the following social science areas:


·         Risk communication to understand how best to convey hazard warnings to the public

·         Weather response behavior to understand how to ensure timely and effective protective actions

·         Socioeconomic assessments to optimize marine fisheries management

·         Ecosystem service valuations to demonstrate the importance of coastal management

·         Interdisciplinary decision support work for climate assessments

·         Social coastal vulnerabilities to understand and mitigate risk

·         Incorporation of economics into resource damage assessments

·         Understanding and communicating the value of NOAA's products and services


To pursue this opportunity, please review the NSF Fellowship solicitation ( - click solicitation 12-601) .  This opportunity is open to early-career scholars (within 36 months of receiving their Ph.D. and not tenure-track). SEES awards provide salary support, research expenses and travel support for a maximum of 3 years. Twenty awards ( were granted last year.  Proposals are due November 21, 2013.  Questions about NSF-specific issues can be addressed to Dr. Robert O'Connor (


If your interests are relevant to the above NOAA topics, and you would like to pursue a partnership,  please contact me and I will connect you with NOAA colleagues with relevant interests.  Please note there is no set-aside for this announcement.  Proposals for SBE investigators to spend time at NOAA  must compete with all the other proposals.  Nevertheless, our interest in working with you should lead to strong proposals.  


National Conference on Family Structure, Social Change and Law @ Vivekananda Law School (VIPS) announces ,

Vivekananda Law School (VIPS) announces

National Conference on Family Structure, Social Change and Law,

19th and 20th December, 2013, Delhi

Law and society share a dialogic relationship. The nature of their relationship influences their initiation, trajectory as well as rendering in more ways than one. Law is comprehended as both the reflection as well as the aspiration of its society. This keen relationship between these institutions can be well understood and explored through the juncture of family and law. Family being the basic unit of a nation state is a subject matter of law at both the micro as well as the macro level. We at VLS understand the significance of evolving a holistic perspective as an essential tool for enhancement of understanding these overlapping categories. Vivekananda Law School, a pioneer Institute of law education proposes to organize a National Conference on 'Family Structure, Social Change and the Law'. 

In our innovative enterprise of organizing a multi disciplinary conference, we seek to involve versatile disciplinary approaches involving social, economic, political, etc. vantage points from the fields of theory and the practice. We look forward to have a dynamic discussion transcending the beaten path, opening arenas of thought and analysis through an amalgamation of experiences, ideas, interventions, reflections and academic practice. India today, stands at a critical point in time where the defined social and political limits of the institution of family are being questioned and revised through the involvement of the state and judiciary. Rights of perceived marginalized sections of society like children, women and the aged remain the focus of garnering social change, hopeful to last in the long term. However, the age-old patriarchal social structure, knowledge boom and globalization and myriad forms of modernization (many a times even regressive) continue to remain the toughest challenges.

We at Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, take this opportunity to invite academics, law enforcers and research scholars to contribute to this stimulating exchange of ideas and dimensions on family, society and law.

 Call for papers:

I. Family and law

-     Familial philanthropy and economic rights in a family (e.g. in undivided Hindu family)

-          Women as daughters and brides (social and legal rights in natal and marital homes)

-          Hindu undivided family

-          Changing patterns of family

-          Live in relationships as new form of family

-          Elderly and incapacitated persons – care and protection

 II. Marriage and law

-          The institution of marriage

-          Legal and social resolution of marital conflict

-          Inter caste and inter religious marriages

-          Succession and inheritance rights

-          Marriage as a tool to achieve individual and group aspirations

III. Reproductive rights of women, surrogacy and adoption

-          Abortions and women's choices

-          Right to Abortion vs. Sex Selective Abortions

-          Traditional surrogacy contracts

-          Legal issues on surrogacy

-          India as a field for commercial surrogacy

-          Health issues and Rights of surrogate women in India.

-          Surrogacy vs. Prostitution: Use of women's body

-          Laws of adoption

-          Adoption by single women

-          Use and misuse of DNA technology and paternity matters

 IV. Violence against women and the media

-          CEDAW and PWDVA – the law, loopholes and implementation

-          Dowry and marital rape

-          Media and reinforcement of traditional gender roles

An abstract of 300 words with a brief profile of the author should be sent no later than 10th October, 2013, to:

The authors of selected abstracts will be informed by evening of 20th of October 2013

Last date for submission of full papers: 30th November 2013. Registration Fees for:

Paper presenters Availing Accommodation: 1500/-

Paper presenters Not Availing Accommodation: 500/-

Audience participants: 300/-

VIPS will be providing all participants with hospitality and accommodation. We request all participants to take care of their travel expenses. For more information please log on to, All queries should be directed to, contact person:

Ms. Sandhya Kumari

Assistant Professor, VIPS


Sponsored Research Programme @ Indian Council of Social Science Research

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